Fishers guard Brown makes it official with UE

Jaylon Brown

Fishers (Ind.) High School guard Jaylon Brown signed and faxed his letter of intent to UE on Wednesday morning, he said, making a binding commitment with the Aces as part of their 2013 recruiting class.

Castle High School forward Blake Simmons is expected to join Brown by signing his letter at a school ceremony on Thursday, and Cleveland point guard Duane Gibson will do the same at his Villa Angela-St. Joesph High School on Friday.

“Blake, I actually played against a couple times,” Brown said. “We’ve played Indiana Elite South multiple times during AAU. He plays on a good team. He’s very talented. He’s big. Duane, I haven’t played against him, but I do know of him and I’ve seen him before. I’m pretty comfortable with those guys.”

Of the three prospects set to sign with the Aces, Fishers coach Joe Leonard said, “Evansville has a hell of a recruiting class.”

Brown visited UE both officially and unofficially before committing to the Aces in late October. His top five schools were Evansville, Miami (Ohio), Ohio, St. Bonaventure and Wichita State, all of which offered a scholarship to the 5-foot-11 point guard.

“Everything went well, and I felt like that was the place for me,” Brown said. “It was a lot like home – the people I interacted with – and it really made me comfortable. Any place that makes me feel comfortable, I want to play at.”

Brown cited freshman guard D.J. Balentine, a former Kokomo High School standout, in particular as someone who helped him make the choice.

“It’s a big deal for somebody to want you to come and play with them,” Brown said. “He did a pretty good job of doing that. We’ve played against each other since my sophomore year and when he was a junior, so I’m used to him being around and stuff. I played against him twice during my high school career, so I knew who he was.”

UE coach Marty Simmons will officially announce his 2013 recruiting class once all letters of intent are received.

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