Thanks for reading

Something most everyone thinks about this time of year are the things for which they’re thankful.

For me, it’s that you’re reading..

I started this blog in October, just five months out of college and unsure how my insights on UE’s program would be received by fans who have been watching the Aces win basketball games their entire lives.

You’ve responded with overwhelmingly positive reactions in person, through emails and tweets, as well as with a dedicated readership. In fewer than two months, this blog has registered more than 200,000 page views. Now that basketball season is under way, it’s about 5,000 a day.

For that, in addition to family and friends and good health, I’m most thankful.

It’s why I strive to keep this space updated on a daily basis, even in slow times, and why I’ll continue working to keep that going.


18 thoughts on “Thanks for reading

  1. Keep up the excellent writing! Might you (when you have time and need some filler) during breaks in schedule, do some articles on old time players and their whereabouts/current profession? And it could be a story on those players who were not the stars on their respective team but even as “bench warmers” they are now successful men and women in their chosen career and a credit to their alma mater. A story of their life as a student/player with positive lessons of life learned and life beyond college bb. What would encourage a player to stay on the team for 4 years knowing there was little if ever, a chance of playing time? Todays’ walk-ons? Good human interest stories perhaps?

  2. Jonathon
    You are doing a great job with the blog and covering the Aces in general. Your work has been a breath of fresh air at the Courier. Thank you for your continued effort.

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