Ryan resumes practice, hopes to play Monday

Colt Ryan

UE senior Colt Ryan is back to practicing after suffering a hip pointer injury in the first half of the Aces’ game Nov. 15 against Buffalo.

Following a couple days off and the Thanksgiving holiday at home, Ryan resumed basketball activity during Saturday’s drills.

“He looked pretty sharp,” said coach Marty Simmons.

Ryan, a preseason all-Missouri Valley Conference selection and the Aces’ leading scorer the past three season, planned to practice again Sunday before evaluating the injury further both with UE’s coaches and the team’s medical staff.

UE hosts Alabama A&M at 7:05 p.m. Monday in the Ford Center, at which point Ryan wants to play.

“It’s just depending on the circumstances and how I feel after practice today – if it gets a little worse or anything like that,” he said. “Hopefully it will stay better, and I’ll be able to suit up tomorrow.”

By missing the Yale game Nov. 16, Ryan snapped a streak of 96 straight contests played – every one during his four-year collegiate career. He led the Aces in scoring in 51 of those.

“It’s frustrating, especially since it’s my senior year. I want to be out there with the guys,” Ryan said. “It was a little easier knowing we were winning games. That would have been a lot worse (if we were losing).

“It was a different experience to be on the bench and cheer my teammates on. I felt good being able to still help them with encouragement and things I saw in the game, but I’d much rather be out on the floor.”

UE beat Yale and then, with Ryan limited to three minutes the next night against Western Illinois, knocked off the Leathernecks. The Aces made it three straight wins last Tuesday at Tennessee Tech in a game where they led by as many as 26 points.

“(Ryan’s return) isn’t going to throw the whole team chemistry off, I don’t think,” said sophomore Ryan Sawvell. “Especially the four seniors, they’ve been playing together for four years. I’ve been playing with Colt for a year now. Everybody but Egidijus (Mockevicius) from the starting lineup has been playing with him and knows what he wants to do, so it won’t throw anything off.”

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