‘Trophies and Tears’ UE basketball book on sale

Pre-orders for ‘Trophies and Tears,’ a book about the history of UE men’s basketball, went on sale Monday for $24 with part of the proceeds going to UE’s alumni office.

The book is planned to ship in mid-December and will also be available at local Barnes and Noble stories.

Author Kyle Keiderling has also published books about former Loyola Marymount star Hank Gathers, scoring machine Bevo Francis and the famous 1985 NCAA championship matchup between Georgetown and Villanova, which Keiderling calls ‘The Perfect Game.’

On the cover of ‘Trophies and Tears’ (from left to right): former players Larry Erwin, Hugh Ahlering, Ed Smallwood and Harold Cox as well as coach Arad McCutchan while they celebrate the 1959 College Division championship, the first of five won in McCutchan’s 31 seasons at UE. The book also chronicles the 1977 team plane crash that killed everyone aboard.

Current UE coach Marty Simmons wrote the book’s foreword.

Look for more on ‘Trophies and Tears’ in the coming week — comments from the author, Simmons and an excerpt from the book.

Keiderling also plans to visit Evansville in December for book signings.

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