Stanley ‘definitely’ says no discussions with Horizon League

John Stanley

John Stanley

It’s become standard procedure in sports to deny, deny, deny until something’s ready to announce.

John Stanley, the University of Evansville’s athletic director, made it clear that’s not the case for his school in terms of a potential departure from the Missouri Valley Conference.

As conference realignment rumors continue to swirl, Stanley said Monday that Evansville is happy with its MVC membership and isn’t discussing a move elsewhere – that despite a report last weekend by the Peoria Journal Star suggesting otherwise.

“I can definitely say that we haven’t had any conversations with the Horizon League about entering their league,” Stanley said. “I don’t know that my comments are any different than I would have made yesterday. Nothing’s really happened. There have been discussions, but I don’t believe that there’s anything new, really.”

The Journal Star reported Saturday morning that Creighton planned to leave the MVC and join the Big East Conference’s seven basketball-only members in a new league. Along with that, the newspaper said Evansville was headed to the Horizon League.

Stanley denied Evansville’s part in that scenario on Saturday and then and reaffirmed his stance. It was the second time in three months Stanley had to address such rumors.

As for Creighton, it’s too soon to tell what will happen.

“We’ve got a situation where there’s definitive data that the seven teams are going to leave the Big East, but at the same time they probably are far from having any strategic plan as far as what they’re going to do,” Stanley said. “A lot of things will unfold and become a little more clear as we move forward.”

Stanley noted the year-old Ford Center and the new Fifth Third Practice Facilities as structural investments indicating UE’s desire to compete in the MVC.

Look for more on conference realignment from Stanley and MVC coaches in Tuesday’s paper.

136 thoughts on “Stanley ‘definitely’ says no discussions with Horizon League

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