More on triple-double Taylor, as you can call him now

UE senior Troy Taylor recorded the Aces' second-ever triple double, also the second ever for a player against Creighton.

UE senior Troy Taylor recorded the Aces’ second-ever triple double, also the second ever for a player against Creighton. PHOTO BY KYLE GRANTHAM/C&P

What happened Saturday for Troy Taylor against Creighton the UE senior saw coming.

Well, it was at least as premeditated as anything so rare as a triple-double can be.

“He’s been telling me, ‘You know I’m going to get that triple-double soon. It’s going to happen,'” said senior Colt Ryan. “Sure enough, he got it.

“I didn’t know he did until after the game when someone mentioned it to me, but that’s just Troy. He does all those little things. He makes the hustle plays.”

Taylor was only the second UE player since the Aces’ men’s basketball team moved to Division I to register a triple-double and 36th in Missouri Valley Conference history. He finished with 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists against the 12th-ranked Bluejays, marking the second-ever triple-double against any Creighton team.

Also notable:

—UE’s other triple-double came from Reed Jackson in a 1995 game against New Hampshire. Jackson notched 13 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds.

—Taylor’s triple-double was the seventh this season in the NCAA and second in as many seasons for MVC, as Indiana State’s Jake Odum notched one last year.

—In addition to being the second triple-double against Creighton, it was the first recorded in the 10-year-old CenturyLink Center’s history.

A paid crowd of 18,458 saw Taylor’s accomplishment in a game where Evansville lost by its widest margin this season — 87-70 — and was out-rebounded 43-27.

“Troy’s a competitor,” said Aces coach Marty Simmons. “He wants to win, and he changes his pulse when things don’t go well. We need more of that from everybody else.

“Nobody cares more when you talk about winning and doing well than Troy. He’s an extraordinary guy from his position the way he can rebound the basketball.”

Taylor noted after the game a time during his freshman year when he was a few points away from a triple-double and fell short. That was a Dec. 19, 2009 win over Tennessee Martin at Roberts Stadium where Taylor finished with seven points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

“It kind of ate me up inside that I missed it,” Taylor said. “You never know when the chance is going to happen again. I’m upset, obviously, that it came with a loss. I just try to play hard every single game and keep everything consistent.”


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