Some UE basketball facts entering 2012-2013 season

Click the screenshot to download a copy of UE’s 2012-2013 men’s basketball prospectus.

UE sent out its 2012-2013 preseason men’s basketball prospectus yesterday. Here are some tidbits from it:

–The Aces return three starters and 11 players total who composed 69.3 percent of the team’s scoring, 77.9 percent of its rebound, 68.4 percent of assists and more than 70 percent of UE’s overall minutes last season.

–If Colt Ryan matches his scoring output last year, he’ll leave UE as the program’s all-time leader. He enters with 1,594 career points, 642 shy of Larry Humes’ 2,236. Ryan is currently seventh on the Aces’ scoring list.

–The prospectus says Ryan Sawvell’s 22 starts in 29 games played last season “will prove to be extremely beneficial as a sophomore when he is also expected to see time at the No. 4 spot.”

–Much has been made of the Aces’ follies last season in scoring defense (294th nationally), field goal percentage defense (333rd), 3-point percentage defense (322nd), rebound margin (313th) and blocked shots (329th). But UE did excel in certain areas while posting a 16-16 record: fourth nationally with a +4.5 turnover margin, 10th in free throw percentage at 76.4 percent, 12th in assists per game at 15.9 and 18th in 3-point percentage at 39.1 percent.

–The prospectus doesn’t contain any information about Egidijus Mockevicius and won’t until he’s cleared by the NCAA. It does acknowledge freshman walk-on Mike Leazer.

–Heights and weights remained the same from last year’s roster to this season’s. That will be something I’ll ask about at media day.

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