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With basketball season less than a month away, here’s a list of UE basketball Twitter accounts for both programs.

UE Men’s Basketball Team:

Head Coach Marty Simmons
Assistant coach Jimmy Elgas
Assistant coach Carson Harris
Assistant coach Geoff Alexander

#0 Sophomore forward Ryan Sawvell
#1 Sophomore guard Jordan Nelson
#5 Senior guard Troy Taylor
#10 Sophomore forward Jaylon Moore
#11 Senior guard Colt Ryan
#12 Freshman guard Adam Wing
#13 Sophomore forward Jordan Jahr
#14 Senior guard Andy Chinn
#22 Senior guard Ned Cox
#31 Freshman guard D.J. Balentine
#44 Freshman forward David Howard

UE Women’s Basketball Team:

Head coach Oties Epps
Assistant coach Nicki Motto
Assistant coach Meredith Baugher
Assistant coach Matt Ruffing
Director of Operations FahKara Malone

#01 Redshirt sophomore guard Khristian Hart
#03 Redshirt senior Chelsea Falkenstein
#11 Freshman forward Michaela Prough
#13 Freshman guard Laura Friday
#21 Senior guard Meagan Collins
#23 Junior forward Katie Ellerson
#25 Senior forward Samantha Heck
#33 Sophomore guard Juliann Miller
#54 Redshirt freshman forward Mallory Ladd


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